The Best Plants And Trees For A “Fedge”

If you are interested in planting a hedgerow to create a great natural fence in your yard, why not consider a “fedge” instead? These are hedgerows made out of edible species of plants and trees. There are a few reasons fedges are so nice. The first is that you may be able to get fresh fruit off of many of them. Secondly, many edible plants will attract animals to your yard and create a nice wildlife effect.

What plants and trees create a great fedge? Tall trees, such as alder, black locust, and poplar make a great windbreaker. Hackberry, oaks, and walnut trees also have edible portions that animals in your yard will love.

If you want a fedge that will reduce noise, create privacy, and attract wildlife, mahonia, junipers, holly bushes, and boxwoods are your best bet. Any kind of evergreen will work (as they will stay fully bloomed in the winter), but the ones I mentioned are gorgeous in just about any yard.

However, if you’re really interested in attracting wildlife and adding food to your yard, you should try fruit trees, such as cherry, crabapple, and apple. You can also include the American hawthorn, hazelnut, mulberry, and the paw paw. While it might be trickier to grow them, peach, pear, and plum trees are also a great pick.

Those who are interested in more bush-oriented fedges, blueberry, currant, goumi, and serviceberry work like a charm. They’ll be less comprehensive in their coverage, but will still be great to look at. They are also a lot of fun to pick during the early spring and summer months and will attract cool animals to your yard.

Do you have any more questions about fedges? Then please drop a line in the comment section! Make sure to pin-point exactly what you want to talk about. And until we meet again, au revoir!

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