“Plantasia” Or The Weird World Of Growing Music

I’ve heard a lot about “growing music” for plants and I’ve often played a bit of Beethoven to encourage mine to grow. However, I broke open a whole new world of growing music the other day when I found a record that was designed specifically for that purpose.

This revelation occurred the other day when I ran across a vinyl copy of “Mother Earth’s Plantasia,” a record by a man named Mort Garson. Intrigued, I read the back of the label to learn more. What I discovered was amazing: this was an album that was designed to help increase the speed of growing plants and to make them more healthy. Even more amazing, it was played entirely on a synthesizer! Oh the weird things they did in the late 70s!

Research on Mort Garson was illuminating. This was a man who arranged pop hits in the 60s and released an album called “Black Mass” which was, allegedly, a Satanic ritual! He also released a 12 album cycle dedicated to zodiac signs. Quirky, I believe, is the English word for this man.

So I put on the record and started playing it. It was played entirely on an old synthesizer and was pretty quaint. It was upbeat and somewhat classical, not bad listening, but not the kind of thing I go crazy for most of the time. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I played it for some indoor plants I had just potted and decided to see if there was any noticeable difference in their growth speed.

And call me crazy, but I…don’t think that it really changed much of anything. Oh the plants didn’t stop growing or react in a negative way. They just seemed pretty indifferent to the experiment. I swear I’ve seen them swaying to the beat when I play the Ninth Symphony. This synthesizer weirdness didn’t do much for them, it seemed.

Sad, but hey, I only paid a few pounds for it. And it’s not a bad record to just listen to from time to time. Maybe somebody here is interested in a copy or in learning more? Contact me and we can talk about it. It’s truly a weird and wonderful album, in many ways.

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