Onlinegokkengids takes the elderly on a casino tour

Elderly people sometimes just need to go out and have fun. Actually, we all do, but elderly don’t get as many chances. Especially American Indian Elderly who sometimes, completely unnecessarily, are put in a corner. That’s why Onlinegokkengids decided to take the NSAIE elderly on a trip where they could learn something; the local casino. Professionals in the area explained the game rules to the visitors and gave them a chance to try out the games themselves with play money. However, it wouldn’t be a casino visit if not at least one person would go home with a great prize.

Casino Blackjack

First the Onlinegokkengids specialist taught the guests everything about Blackjack. Like how it is a game with a goal to reach 21 points. If you get more than 21 points, the bank automatically wins, no matter how many points it has. So the goal is to get a higher amount than the dealer has, if you cannot get 21 points right away. Naturally the elderly had some questions about this game and some of them even wanted to play against each other. When they learned that everyone has to play against the bank, they started betting against each other. In a playful way of course.

Casino Roulette

Another important casino game that has to be played at least once by every visitor. Once the Onlinegokkengids specialist explained the rules, the elderly couldn’t wait to start playing. It was funny in the beginning, because many of them just started yelling numbers or possible bets. So the first round ended up in total chaos. The specialist then explained the betting rules and how bets are placed on the table in the correct field. After the special casino visitors understood the rules, they had a blast at Roulette.

Casino Baccarat

At this casino it was complicated to get the message across that even though there are a player and a bank in the game, the actual player bets only on the game outcome. The actual player cannot choose to hit or anything else as the cards are being drawn according to certain rules. But once that became clear, this became one of the most popular casino games of the day. That might be because the elderly didn’t understand it properly which made the element of surprise at the outcome of the game that much bigger.

Casino Poker

The Onlinegokkengids specialist obviously had to deal with a lot of pokerface jokes when explaining this game. He then decided to take a moment to have every visitor try out their pokerface. It was tough explaining the poker casino game after that, even though it was decided beforehand that only the casino version of the game would be explained. That means the version where every player plays against the bank in a game that only has one round. Whomever gets the best hand, wins the round. There was a small element of surprise here as well, as for someone who has never visited the casino, the rules might be hard to understand for somebody that does not understand gokken.

Casino addiction prevention

At Onlinegokkengids, we find it important that everybody enjoys the casino. And addiction doesn’t belong in a place where people come to have fun. Since this was such a fun day and we expect the elderly to want to return to a casino, the Onlinegokkengids specialist also provided some information about casino addiction prevention. He started out with some shocking, real life stories of gambling addictions and the visitors soon became all ears. They collectively decided they’d follow all of his advice to prevent anyone of them from getting addicted.

Big casino finale

Like stated in the beginning, it wouldn’t be a real casino visit if it wouldn’t end with a great prize. That’s why at the end of the visit the Onlinegokkengids specialist surprised the elderly. They didn’t know it, but they were taped the entire day and their game results were being monitored. Which might be a nice lesson for a potential future trip. Obviously there was a reason for them being monitored, as the top three casino players all won a nice prize. These ranged from a dinner voucher to a monetary prize of €500.

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