Growing A Cactus Indoors

Indoor gardening can be just as fun as the outdoor variety and can be just as big of a challenge. Mastering the delicate art of placing your plants in the sun and properly watering them takes a lot of dedication. That’s why I often suggest cacti as the first indoor plant for many people. Though it might seem strange, they are actually a joy to grow.

What makes cacti such a fun plant to grow indoors? For one thing, I think they simply look cool. You don’t see a lot of cacti in England, and when you do, it’s always exciting. I also think they’re fairly easy to grow and maintain, as long as you’re willing to repot them every three to four years: they grow very quickly.

How often do they need to be watered? I have found that watering a cactus every two days is more than enough. Remember they have evolved to withstand extended droughts and too much water can actually drown them. Keep the soil damp without excessive water lurking on the surface.

The soil in the pot should be at a pH of about 4 to 5.5. They don’t mind a little acidity, but too much will hurt them. They also like a little gravel around the surface to help water drain quickly into the soil.

As for light, they like a lot of it. Place them on a window sill on the east side of your home to make sure they get the most possible light. Also: try to put them on a sill that a curious child or cat can’t reach. The last thing you want is to pull spines out of their hands or paws.

By now, you should know enough to get started on growing your own indoor cactus. I’ve found that they actually quite like having growing partners nearby. Not sure why, but they seem to do better that way. Or maybe I’m just crazy! Hehe. Well, until next time, my friends, au revoir!

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