500 Plus donates flowers to elderly homes

Le Web Fleuri is always interested in new and exciting developments, especially when it comes to flower-related topics. As a flower lover, I like to read a lot of gardening magazines and information vouchers about flowers and plants. Besides specially designed flower magazines, I also like to read newspapers. This morning’s headline in the Guardian really excited me, because of the great charity program of 500 Plus. This cryptocurrency company decided to donate millions of flower to elderly homes, spreading all over England. Having fresh flowers in your living room can really affect the human mind and body in a very positive way. Especially the elderly need a healing environment which provides caring benefits.

Last year, 500 Plus was also involved in donating flowers to many hospices and organizations. Even then, the story was published immediately by many local newspaper. This year, they did it again and I really love the concept of this company. Giving flowers can be such a beautiful way to express your feeling to someone else, it is a simple but very valuable gift and that is why I love it so much. This year, 500 Plus had chosen for tulips, since they are very colourful and are capable of brighten up every living room. A total amount of 20 elderly homes, spreaded over our country, were provided with the most beautiful tulips. They made sure that every home had its own little bouquet and the residents were very excited when they saw the bouquets coming in.

What so special about giving flowers to your loved ones? Well, first of all the colors are always seem to be a great eye catcher in the room. Second: a lot of flowers, such as roses, are an iconic symbol for love. This symbol goes way back in history and even nowadays people like to still use this type of flower in order to say sorry, or even surprise someone. This is what 500 Plus also did with their donations, they could have chosen for money but instead had chosen for the one thing that connect us: love. A lot of people now questioning what 500 plus will donate next year. They stated that their next donation will be kept a secret for a very long time, so we will have to wait till then.

This is not how I would normally write my blog, but I really felt the need to share this news with you. What I basically would like to say is that flowers are extremely powerful. Use them to spread the love for another person, or use them in order to ask for forgiveness. I think it’s beautiful that nowadays people still like to use them. As a flower lover, I would like to thank 500 Plus for their extreme kindness. Hopefully they will continue their way of showing love, because a lot of people will appreciate it. I’ve heard that a lot of elderly people dried their bouquet in order to save it as a precious memory, how sweet is that!