What’s great about free spins

If you have surfed the web before, I’m sure that you have come across an ad for free spins more than once. These free game rounds on slot machines are advertised heavily because a lot of casino players are after them. You can probably guess that main reason for that; because they are free. Casinos cost money, at least if you want to have a chance to win some cash. And that’s the reason most players actually try a casino. It’s difficult to get a chance to win money without spending anything. Free spins are one way to accomplish that.

No deposit free spins

The best way to receive free spins is after signing up. Some casinos offer no deposit bonuses, which means that you get free spins before making a deposit. That means that they are completely free. All you have to do is sign up at the casino and you will receive a set amount of free rounds for one or more slot machines. Even though they are completely free, you are able to win real money with them. So you can actually make money for free. If you are lucky, of course.

Bonus free spins

Another way to receive free spins is when you are already a player at a casino. To show that it values its players, a regular casino gives out bonuses every now and then. And also to reward the players for being loyal. That means that the more loyal you are, the more free spins you’ll receive. Seems obvious. However, some casinos choose to reward all players the same with weekly free spins offers and other promotions. If free spins are a priority for you, then you should have a good look at the casino bonuses before you sign up anywhere.

In-game free spins

You can also receive in-game free spins. But only if you’re lucky. And not in all games. When you do, these are often bonus rounds or just regular free spins rounds. Some games even offer multipliers during the free spins, which increase your winnings. During these free spins, you are almost guaranteed to win something. This is not the same with free spins that the casino offers, as these are played as regular rounds in the game. So although you have to pay to get there, in-game free spins are still very interesting.

Wagering requirements

When you receive free spins from a casino, you always need to fulfill wagering requirements before the money that you win becomes yours to withdraw. Usually, you need to wager your winnings 25 to 55 times in a time period of 7 to 90 days. It’s tough but manageable. Something that might help you when wagering, is the autoplay option. This allows you set a number of rounds that the computer will play for you automatically. You can then choose to watch or do something else. But I strongly suggest watching wins come into your account.

A new hobby; running

Yes, I know, it’s nothing new. Running has been very hot for a while not. Some might even say it’s already out of style. But I just discovered it and it’s great. I guess you have probably heard people say that running is addictive and I can tell you that it’s true. And for all you fashionista’s out there, it also provides you with an opportunity to buy new outfits. As you can imagine there is a wide range of running shoes available, as well as outfits in for all shapes and sizes.

Get into the groove

You might think that running is a bit tedious. Quite frankly, that’s what I thought in the beginning as well. Actually, that’s also what I thought after the first time I tried running. And after the second time. But as I am a person who likes to finish things and I had signed up for a learn to run responsibly course, I decided to stick with it until the last class to see if I’d change my mind. And boy, did I. It was around lesson 7 of the 10 that I completely got hooked on running. What I felt after running my first 10 km is very hard to describe and is best experienced. So what I have learned from that is that you need to get into the groove before you can really enjoy running.

Nonathletic people

A friend of mine got me to start running. He’s the kind of guy that can best be described as non-athletic. He even says so himself; he’s good at nothing when it comes to sports. But the fun thing about running is that you don’t have to be good at it as everybody can do it. And even the speed doesn’t matter, it’s more about the distance. The only thing that you need to do is build up the distance. It wouldn’t be good for you to go from inexperienced to running 10 km in one day. But there are lots of courses or professionals to help you build up your endurance responsibly. You can even find a lot of information on that on the internet.

Where to run?

This might seem like a strange question, because you can literally run everywhere that you can walk. But not every place is good enough for your body. For example, it’s very exhausting and not the best thing for your body to run on the beach. If you want to please your body, you should get quality running shoes and run strictly on hard surfaces. Asphalted streets or pavements would be ideal. Especially if you are a beginner and haven’t built up the resistance yet, you should definitely try to avoid soft surfaces. And then you should think about where you’d like to run. I’d advise to get away from the city, just to avoid traffic lights and obligatory stops. If you can, it’s best to find a big park to be able to run without interference.

Onlinegokkengids takes the elderly on a casino tour

Elderly people sometimes just need to go out and have fun. Actually, we all do, but elderly don’t get as many chances. Especially American Indian Elderly who sometimes, completely unnecessarily, are put in a corner. That’s why Onlinegokkengids decided to take the NSAIE elderly on a trip where they could learn something; the local casino. Professionals in the area explained the game rules to the visitors and gave them a chance to try out the games themselves with play money. However, it wouldn’t be a casino visit if not at least one person would go home with a great prize.

Casino Blackjack

First the Onlinegokkengids specialist taught the guests everything about Blackjack. Like how it is a game with a goal to reach 21 points. If you get more than 21 points, the bank automatically wins, no matter how many points it has. So the goal is to get a higher amount than the dealer has, if you cannot get 21 points right away. Naturally the elderly had some questions about this game and some of them even wanted to play against each other. When they learned that everyone has to play against the bank, they started betting against each other. In a playful way of course.

Casino Roulette

Another important casino game that has to be played at least once by every visitor. Once the Onlinegokkengids specialist explained the rules, the elderly couldn’t wait to start playing. It was funny in the beginning, because many of them just started yelling numbers or possible bets. So the first round ended up in total chaos. The specialist then explained the betting rules and how bets are placed on the table in the correct field. After the special casino visitors understood the rules, they had a blast at Roulette.

Casino Baccarat

At this casino it was complicated to get the message across that even though there are a player and a bank in the game, the actual player bets only on the game outcome. The actual player cannot choose to hit or anything else as the cards are being drawn according to certain rules. But once that became clear, the casino baccarat became one of the most popular casino games of the day. That might be because the elderly didn’t understand it properly which made the element of surprise at the outcome of the game that much bigger.

Casino Poker

The Onlinegokkengids specialist obviously had to deal with a lot of pokerface jokes when explaining this game. He then decided to take a moment to have every visitor try out their pokerface. It was tough explaining the poker casino game after that, even though it was decided beforehand that only the casino version of the game would be explained. That means the version where every player plays against the bank in a game that only has one round. Whomever gets the best hand, wins the round. There was a small element of surprise here as well, as for someone who has never visited the casino, the rules might be hard to understand for somebody that does not understand gokken.

Casino addiction prevention

At Onlinegokkengids, we find it important that everybody enjoys the casino. And addiction doesn’t belong in a place where people come to have fun. Since this was such a fun day and we expect the elderly to want to return to a casino, the Onlinegokkengids specialist also provided some information about casino addiction prevention. He started out with some shocking, real life stories of gambling addictions and the visitors soon became all ears. They collectively decided they’d follow all of his advice to prevent anyone of them from getting addicted.

Big casino finale

Like stated in the beginning, it wouldn’t be a real casino visit if it wouldn’t end with a great prize. That’s why at the end of the visit the Onlinegokkengids specialist surprised the elderly. They didn’t know it, but they were taped the entire day and their game results were being monitored. Which might be a nice lesson for a potential future trip. Obviously there was a reason for them being monitored, as the top three casino players all won a nice prize. These ranged from a dinner voucher to a monetary prize of €500.

My Favorite Online Casino Merkur

Welcome once again to Le Web Fleuri. As you guys know, I’m incredibly passionate about relying on Aloe Vera and other natural solutions by plants. However, that’s not my only passion. I’m actually an avid gamer and gambler. I wanted to take some time today to share about my favorite online casino Merkur Magic.

This top casino site has become my go-to for entertainment. It’s a fun platform with so many games in makes my head spin. Even better, there are great bonuses and customer support wherever you turn. Keep reading to learn more about how I spend my free time.

About Merkurmagic

The first thing I do when choosing a new casino website is to check out their credentials. After all, any smart gambler will avoid falling into a scam. It was easy to find that Casino Merkur is a legit gambling website. It’s been around for nearly 20 years and has a license from Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Once I was satisfied it was completely reputable, I looked at their welcome bonus.

Welcome Bonus

For those not in the know, welcome bonuses are important to novice gamblers and high rollers alike. Bonuses give you either free money or free spins to help you game longer and win more money. As such, it’s always my second step when looking at any casino site. I found out that I could claim a match deposit bonus of 100%, up to 150 euros. I was also awarded 100 free spins to play slot games with! I wasn’t about to turn down so much free cash or spins credit in my bankroll.

Slot games

I prefer to play slot games as opposed to other casino games. It’s just so much easier to turn my brain off and enjoy the fun, thrill, and easy of online slots. I was excited to find out that Casino Merkur has so many types of games. These include classic reel machines, video slots, 3D slots, and progressive jackpots.

The slot games come from top software providers like Microgaming and NetEnt, along with a dozen or so other. It was surprising to me that so many of my favorite games came directly from Casino Merkur studios. Though they have a smaller design studio, their slots are fast paces and feature ancient world themes and fruit blasting, among other themes.

I always spend a bit of my cash playing the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot. I know plenty of other gamblers are vying for that million-euro prize, but maybe I’ll get lucky. The idea of winning millions in a snap while gaming is thrilling.

Table and Live Games

Like I said, I don’t live only for slots – I’ve also got a knack for online roulette. There are quite a few options here. I like to play against computers for the most part, and there are roulette, blackjack, and video poker games in spades. Of course, sometimes I want something a little more immersive.

In that case, I turn to their live dealer suite. If you’ve never played a live dealer game, I can’t recommend it enough. I get to chat with my croupier and other players and the table, and I can see the entire go down live. It’s really exciting!

Looking for Your Next Favorite Casino?

If you’re looking for the next top casino site to try out, I absolutely recommend Casino Merkur. It’s a great place to unwind, and their user interface is really simple, clean, and attractive. At the very least be sure to check out their welcome bonus and claim your free money.

Smoothie With The Healing Power Of Aloë Vera

Growing an Aloë Vera at home can give you so many benefits at the same time. As we all know, Aloë Vera’s are very pretty and can be used as a great decoration piece. The beauty of this plant is a true eyecatcher, especially when you put it in your living room for everyone to see. It is not only very pretty, Aloë Vera can be very healing as well. This plant has so many hidden powers and can heal a lot of aspects of the human body. Pretty and medicinal, seems like a perfect match made in heaven!

This spikey green plant is known for its common herbal remedy and healing purposes. The plant is a member of a family with over 400 different species. Aloë Vera is often used for skin conditions such as sunburns or eczema. It cools down the skin immediately and reduces the redness and burning feeling. Nevertheless, the Aloë Vera gel can also be used as a hair conditioner, moisturizer and even a facial mask. The gel smoothes the skin by hydrating it in the most natural way.
You can also use it as a volumizing product to your hair! Just apply it to you hair before you blow dry it and the result is just unbelievable.

If you are not interested in cosmetic possibilities, you can also add Aloë Vera in to one of your favorite dishes. On the internet you can find plenty delicious recipes based on this particular plant, which are also very easy to prepare. I often use Aloë Vera in some of my signature smoothies, which are really healthy and good for the body. I try to do this every week with Aloë Vera in order to take care of myself. I have to say, i’m not really fond of the taste, so I often mix it with fruit to give it a sweet taste. There are also plenty Aloë Vera drinks available at the supermarket and the taste is actually quite nice.

Growing your own Aloë Vera is very easy, even for people who are having a hard time taking care of plants. When you are not located on a tropical environment, you should consider to plant an Aloë Vera indoors. You can buy an Aloë Vera plant at a greenstore, located almost everywhere. This plant is very easy to take care of, especially because it doesn’t need to much sunlight and water. So it isn’t a great idea to put your Aloë Vera at the window. Be gentle with giving water, because the plant can live without any water for days.

Indoor gardening can be really fun and within just weeks you will have your own plant collection. I really like tropical plants such as the Aloë Vera and love to combine them together with some of my cactuses. It really gives your living room a complete new look, like you are on a tropical island! Just by changing the positions of the plants you can create different styles and I just love to switch it every month or so. This is really one of my favorite things to do, besides online gambling at รีวิวคาสิโนEmpire777 with a casino bonus ohne einzahlung at 22Bet Sportwetten erfahrungen 2021 sports betting at Betway casino and watching movies of-course, these things also really relax my mind.

A Guide To Planting Roses In England

Roses are one of the most popular flowers in the world, but they are rather difficult to grow in England. The, shall we say, unique (i.e. cold) weather of the country turns growing roses into a major challenge. However, it is still possible to encourage great rose growth if you follow these simple guidelines.

First of all, you need to know when to plant them. We suggest in late autumn when the leafs start to fall. Why? This lets your buds settle in and get some water to survive the harshness of winter. During the spring melt, your roses should get more than enough water to start growing.

Here are a few tips on planting to help streamline the process:

Dig a hole at least twice the width of the roots to give them enough room to grow

Put the rosebud directly in the center of the hole

Carefully fill the hole back in with soil, removing large rocks to the roots safe from damage

Push a small stick into the soil above each bud to note where they are located

Pour at least 20-30 centimeters of organic matter on top of the oil after planting to help encourage your roses to grow.

Spacing between the roses doesn’t matter a whole lot, but I suggest at least five or six inches to keep them from getting too stuck together

Wait through the winter and spring and check in the middle of the melting season to see your flowers start to break through the soil surface. Once they start growing, carefully water them whenever the soil is dry to make sure they are healthy. The soil should be pretty damp, but without pools of water on the surface.

Trim your roses as necessary to promote even better growth and a wider spread. In this way, you should create healthy and full rose bushes that will last for decades.

If you follow the steps that I outlined here in this post then you will get nothing but spectacular looking red roses. You should have seen the roses that I provided to the online casino event called casino no deposit bonus that was hosted by casumo. The roses that I had provided for the aforementioned event was really something else and stayed on the minds of many of the event visitors which is something I take as a very positive review.

A Look At My Favorite Gardening Poem

Gardening has inspired a wide range of people to write gorgeous poetry. There’s just something about this art that attracts the mind and brings words to the lips of our wittiest bards. A lot of it has to do with the “growing” nature of gardening and how you must “nurture” a garden for it to succeed. That creates a wide range of possible metaphors, which I think are explored perfectly in Robert Seymour Bridges’s poem “The Growth of Love.”

This is a fairly long poem, so I’m only going to share one stanza with you:

Beneath the crisp and wintry carpet hid

A million buds but stay their blossoming;

And trustful birds have built their nests amid

The shuddering boughs, and only wait to sing

Till one soft shower from the south shall bid,

And hither tempt the pilgrim steps of spring.

What do I like about this poem and this stanza in particular? I love the way it starts: with the buds of the flowers hiding below the “carpet” of winter. Here, they wait to blossom, excited to finally break out and join the world. Above them, birds are buildings nests and trees are growing, but the flowers hide beneath the surface of the world, waiting to live.

Beyond the major themes of the poem, I love this sense of anticipation. As a gardener, you know how exciting it is to sit and wait for your buds to finally blossom and to experience the joy of tending to your plants and flowers.

However, the best part is when “one soft shower from the south” breaks through the soil and gives the buds the strength they need to grow. This poem says so much about life in general, and gardening specifically, they I can’t help but read it over and over again. What do you think about it?

“Plantasia” Or The Weird World Of Growing Music

I’ve heard a lot about “growing music” for plants and I’ve often played a bit of Beethoven to encourage mine to grow. However, I broke open a whole new world of growing music the other day when I found a record that was designed specifically for that purpose.

This revelation occurred the other day when I ran across a vinyl copy of “Mother Earth’s Plantasia,” a record by a man named Mort Garson. Intrigued, I read the back of the label to learn more. What I discovered was amazing: this was an album that was designed to help increase the speed of growing plants and to make them more healthy. Even more amazing, it was played entirely on a synthesizer! Oh the weird things they did in the late 70s!

Research on Mort Garson was illuminating. This was a man who arranged pop hits in the 60s and released an album called “Black Mass” which was, allegedly, a Satanic ritual! He also released a 12 album cycle dedicated to zodiac signs. Quirky, I believe, is the English word for this man.

So I put on the record and started playing it. It was played entirely on an old synthesizer and was pretty quaint. It was upbeat and somewhat classical, not bad listening, but not the kind of thing I go crazy for most of the time. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I played it for some indoor plants I had just potted and decided to see if there was any noticeable difference in their growth speed.

And call me crazy, but I…don’t think that it really changed much of anything. Oh the plants didn’t stop growing or react in a negative way. They just seemed pretty indifferent to the experiment. I swear I’ve seen them swaying to the beat when I play the Ninth Symphony. This synthesizer weirdness didn’t do much for them, it seemed.

Sad, but hey, I only paid a few pounds for it. And it’s not a bad record to just listen to from time to time. Maybe somebody here is interested in a copy or in learning more? Contact me and we can talk about it. It’s truly a weird and wonderful album, in many ways.

Growing A Cactus Indoors

Indoor gardening can be just as fun as the outdoor variety and can be just as big of a challenge. Mastering the delicate art of placing your plants in the sun and properly watering them takes a lot of dedication. That’s why I often suggest cacti as the first indoor plant for many people. Though it might seem strange, they are actually a joy to grow.

What makes cacti such a fun plant to grow indoors? For one thing, I think they simply look cool. You don’t see a lot of cacti in England, and when you do, it’s always exciting. I also think they’re fairly easy to grow and maintain, as long as you’re willing to repot them every three to four years: they grow very quickly.

How often do they need to be watered? I have found that watering a cactus every two days is more than enough. Remember they have evolved to withstand extended droughts and too much water can actually drown them. Keep the soil damp without excessive water lurking on the surface.

The soil in the pot should be at a pH of about 4 to 5.5. They don’t mind a little acidity, but too much will hurt them. They also like a little gravel around the surface to help water drain quickly into the soil.

As for light, they like a lot of it. Place them on a window sill on the east side of your home to make sure they get the most possible light. Also: try to put them on a sill that a curious child or cat can’t reach. The last thing you want is to pull spines out of their hands or paws.

By now, you should know enough to get started on growing your own indoor cactus. I’ve found that they actually quite like having growing partners nearby. Not sure why, but they seem to do better that way. Or maybe I’m just crazy! Hehe. Well, until next time, my friends, au revoir!

The Best Plants And Trees For A “Fedge”

If you are interested in planting a hedgerow to create a great natural fence in your yard, why not consider a “fedge” instead? These are hedgerows made out of edible species of plants and trees. There are a few reasons fedges are so nice. The first is that you may be able to get fresh fruit off of many of them. Secondly, many edible plants will attract animals to your yard and create a nice wildlife effect.

What plants and trees create a great fedge? Tall trees, such as alder, black locust, and poplar make a great windbreaker. Hackberry, oaks, and walnut trees also have edible portions that animals in your yard will love.

If you want a fedge that will reduce noise, create privacy, and attract wildlife, mahonia, junipers, holly bushes, and boxwoods are your best bet. Any kind of evergreen will work (as they will stay fully bloomed in the winter), but the ones I mentioned are gorgeous in just about any yard.

However, if you’re really interested in attracting wildlife and adding food to your yard, you should try fruit trees, such as cherry, crabapple, and apple. You can also include the American hawthorn, hazelnut, mulberry, and the paw paw. While it might be trickier to grow them, peach, pear, and plum trees are also a great pick.

Those who are interested in more bush-oriented fedges, blueberry, currant, goumi, and serviceberry work like a charm. They’ll be less comprehensive in their coverage, but will still be great to look at. They are also a lot of fun to pick during the early spring and summer months and will attract cool animals to your yard.

Do you have any more questions about fedges? Then please drop a line in the comment section! Make sure to pin-point exactly what you want to talk about. And until we meet again, au revoir!